Operational environmental protection and the reduction of energy consumption have a very high priority at Härter: We are committed to the conservation of resources, the avoidance of environmental damage and the protection of health. We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for our integrated environmental and energy management.

Nachhaltigkeit für die Umwelt

Responsibility for the next generation: Conserving resources

Air, water and energy are valuable resources that should not be wasted unnecessarily. That is why we attach great importance to the efficient and economical use of these resources – from the procurement and use of energy through the selection of technologies to the construction and operation of our plants. In addition, we ensure that raw materials are recycled. Each individual employee assumes full responsibility for environmentally compatible disposal in his or her area of responsibility.

Environmentally friendly products – throughout the entire value chain

Products are only truly environmentally friendly if their entire value chain is implemented in an energy-saving, climate-friendly and pollution-free manner. At Härter, this can be relied upon: We guarantee that the applicable environmental regulations are complied with during development and production as well as during the entire process development.

Umweltfreundliche Produkte von Härter
Umwelt- und Energiemanagement mit Brief und Siegel: Unsere Zertifizierungen

Environmental and energy management with letter and seal: Certifications

When it comes to environmental protection and resource conservation, our primary goal is to become better and better. We consistently implement this claim with continuous improvement measures and are certified according to the standards DIN EN ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. DIN EN ISO 14001 also includes the production sites in Poland, China and the USA. In the course of our environmental management, for example, pollutant-free cleaning agents are used and hazardous and harmful substances are further reduced. As part of energy management, power consumption was reduced by a new lighting system and by optimizing set-up times in production.