Social responsibility

At Härter, responsibility for employees extends beyond national borders: The international SA 8000 social standard applies at our company locations around the globe, and special representatives and divisional representatives ensure that these standards are met. Compliance is also monitored with regular internal audits.


Social responsibility in black and white: 100% at WCA

With the Workplace Conditions Assessment Report – WCA for short – Härter proves that quality and safety requirements are met at the workplaces and that social, environmental and ethical standards are observed. The current WCA Report of October 2014 proves that these requirements are 100 % fulfilled at the company headquarters in Königsbach-Stein.

Social responsibility in a nutshell: our guiding principles

  • We oppose child labour, the work of minors, forced labour, discrimination and disciplinary sanctions.
  • We provide a safe and healthy working environment. In particular, we stand up for the protection of women workers.
  • We respect the right of all workers to form and join trade unions and to bargain collectively.
  • Working hours and leave are defined in the company agreements. The respective national laws and regulations apply at the foreign locations.
  • Our wages meet the legal standards or minimum standards of the industry and are sufficient to meet the basic needs of employees and provide free disposable income.
  • So-called conflict materials are not processed in our company.

Unsere Leitsätze für Sozialverantwortung

Social responsibility put into practice: our actions

  • control of suppliers on the basis of SA-8000 conformity
  • corrective action
  • documentation system

  • Safe handling of hazardous and harmful substances in the workplace
  • Personal Protective Equipment