As a family business with over 50 years of tradition, we are firmly rooted in the region and assume social responsibility there. We address the weaker members of our society as well as sports enthusiasts and neighboring companies.

Härter unterstützt die Lebenshilfe Pforzheim

For inclusion and joy of life: Härter supports Lebenshilfe Pforzheim

Härter stands up for the weaker members of society and has for decades formed a close network with Lebenshilfe in Pforzheim. The non-profit association is an association of people with disabilities, their parents and relatives, carers, sponsors and friends. The aim is to enable people with disabilities to live as self-determined a life as possible and to participate in society.

We make help mobile: Hardener donates for MobiDik deaconry station

The diaconal ward mobiDik supports people in sickness, disability, in family emergencies and in old age – regardless of religion and origin. In order to be able to offer care, support and advice directly in the home environment, mobility is indispensable for the employees. Härter will contribute to this by donating a new and specially equipped VW in 2014.

Härter spendet Fahrzeugt für mobiDik

Fussballfieber in der Region: Härter-Cup

Football fever in the region: Härter Cup

Team spirit, goal celebrations and enthusiastic fans: Every year our works team challenges the football teams of neighbouring companies to the Härter Cup. In order to cut a good figure in front of family and colleagues, the team meets after work for joint training on the lawn.