Highlights at a glance:

  • Over 40 injection molding assembly installations
  • Injection part weight from 15 to 200 g
  • Machine locking force from 15 to 160 t
  • Processing of all common thermoplastics
  • Fitting of passive modules
  • Laser identification with datamatrix code


360 View

The product AIRMAX perfectly combines 4 different stamping parts in one plastic housing. This example ultimately shows how valuable individually produced high-tech components can be reliably assembled into a hybrid assembly.

We always manufacture or inject two housings simultaneously for this component and therefore the following 3 work steps are necessary:

  1. Pre-stamping and galvanizing of stamped parts

  2. Separation of the stamping parts and automated loading into the injection moulding tool 

  3. Removing of the injection-moulded assembly, fully automated testing and packaging in KLTs.

For the production of this hybrid component, state-of-the-art automation cells are used, in which the technologies of stamping, placement, injection, testing and packaging are logically linked.

In production, we work on the basis of parallel running manufacturing processes at one location. This possibility offers modern, high-quality production and ensures just-in-time delivery.

We look forward to supporting you in the development and manufacture of your hybrid assemblies.

We manufacture your part of success!