Härter Kompetenz im Werkzeugbau

Success well shaped: Härter tooling expertise.

From tool design to tool construction all the way to quality control documentation: At Härter you'll find the full range of technology from one source.

Härter Metall-Kunststoff-Technologie

Metal meets

Härter has the up-to-date assembly plants and stamping and injection technology for manufacturing plastic compound products.

Härter Prototypenbau und Vorserie

Good mass production is based on good prototyping.

Härter offers top accuracy and reliability – from process planning and designing to special tools and complete equipment for prototypes and pre-production series.

100 percent success for customer products.

High precision in mass production: Härter's high quality standards in stamping, bending and draw parts can be counted on.

Härter Tape-and-Reel

Making everything run smoothly in your production.

From standard to custom solutions, Härter offers the complete range of process integrated packaging. New: the tape and reel process.

The Härter Idea

The whole company at a glance: The Härter idea lets you discover the services and the philosophy behind our company in an interactive and informative way.

Parts Production

Whether stamping, bent or drawn parts, metal-plastic technology or components: Härter parts production provide the full spectrum. How can we help you?


Transform your ideas into successful products: Härter is an expert and reliable partner for product and process development and for building prototypes and preliminary series.


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